Semi Tire Chains vs. Autosock: Which Is Better for Winter Traction?

Maintaining traction on the road is of great importance to large trucks during the winter time. With delivery schedules to keep, it’s best to not let a snowy path cause significant delays. Both semi tire chains and tire socks offer different benefits to help you and your truck stay safe on even the most inclement roadways.

The Benefits of Tire Chains

Tire chains frequently follow the tread patterns of tires, adding an extra layer of traction. The durability of metal allows them to cut into thick, hard snow. Many states have special laws that require semi truck tire chains or other alternatives in order to pass into questionable areas. When paired with quality snow tires, chains can create quite the combination of traction enhancement.

When deciding if tire chains are right for you, consider the conditions you’ll need to traverse, along with the expected time you’ll have to attach them. There are a few benefits that stand out with chains:

• Easy install
• Superior durability
• Amazing traction

The material of the chains allows them to stand up against a great deal of wear and tear. They’re super simple to install when road conditions grow bleak unexpectedly.

The Benefits of Autosock

Another traction option for vehicles is the Autosock. This fabric cover slips over the whole tire. The unique blend of the textile is able to offer more traction than the tire on its own, making it a great choice when the road ahead is a bit dicey. Due to the foldable material, they’re easy to transfer and store. Autosock for semi trucks is revered for many reasons:

• Wide surface area
• Minimal storage space needed
• Lightweight

Because the material is thin, autosocks won’t create additional bulk. This can be a huge advantage if your vehicle may have clearance issues due to its height.

So, Tire Chains or Autosock?

To assess this debate with the public opinion, we had created a poll on our Instagram to see which product type was preferred. We asked three questions, being:

1. Have you tried Autosock Tire Grips?

Answer: 35% Yes, 65% No

2. If yes, do you prefer them over tire chains?

Answer: 20% Yes, 65% No

3. If you haven’t tried them yet, would you?

Answer: 48% Yes, 52% No

Regardless which choice you make, you’ll be able to achieve improved traction on snowy, and sometimes icy, roads. Both tire chains for semi trucks and autosock come in a variety of sizes. Depending on the weather conditions you typically encounter, along with your truck’s specifications, consider investing in both. This allows you to take advantage of each option’s great benefits.

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  1. Tire chains being able to cut through hard snow was a piece of information I found helpful in this article. My brother drives truck and he has a job coming up that’s going to take him more north than he usually goes next month. We will have to find tire chains.

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