November 27, 2022

Exhaust Stacks Buying Guide

Exhaust stacks can do a lot more than let smoke and gas out of your rig’s engine. They offer a vast spectrum of style options that give your truck a distinctive look. By expelling hot air, they also improve engine power and performance. So, how do you select the best stack for your rig? This brief guide explains brands, options, fitment and more.

Complete Stack Kits

Changing one part of a stack is easy. But swapping out the entire stack is a different story. Why buy all those pieces separately when you can get a complete stack kit? Most new kits contain everything you need for a full replacement: top stacks, spools, elbows, clamps and brackets. Depending on your rig’s setup, your kit may also have a Y-pipe.

Finding the right kit at Iowa 80 is simple. You just need to supply the make, model and year of your truck. Knowing the OEM elbow number also helps ensure a correct fit for your stack. We stock thousands of kits for a wide range of models such as Peterbilt 379 and Kenworth W900 series trucks. Need a more complex replacement? We can handle that, too. We’ll just need more information about your stack’s setup so we can match the correct parts to your rig.

Top Stacks

The bottom half of your truck’s exhaust assembly may be in great shape. In that case, you only need to swap out its top stack. Fortunately, you have a lot of options to choose from. Whether you drive a Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth or another type of truck, you’ll find top stacks in sizes, finishes and styles ideally suited to your rig. Dynaflex, Lincoln and Roadworks are the three biggest brands on the market.

To order a top stack with the correct fit, you’ll need to gather some vital information. You must know the diameter and length of your existing stack. Most brands offer those measurements in inches. Depending on the product, you’ll need either the outer diameter or inner diameter of the stack. You’ll see these marked “OD” and “ID” respectively. Top stacks with OD measurements are usually plain end, while products with ID measurements are typically expanded end stacks.

Knowing your elbow specs is also important for choosing the right top stack. If your system uses a 5-inch OEM elbow, for instance, you’ll need a 5-inch inner diameter stack. That’s because 5-inch OEM elbows don’t typically taper at the top, so the top stack must have the correct inner diameter for the elbow to fit inside.

Size is just one factor in selecting a stack. Durability and performance are also key. Diesel particulate filters screen out soot and ash, keeping it inside the exhaust instead of releasing it into the air. While these devices cut emissions, they also generate higher temperatures when they must burn off the excess soot. Trucks equipped with DPFs need specialty stacks with greater heat tolerance, such as Dynaflex’s AirKool series.

Replacement Pieces

Maintaining stacks and exhaust systems requires high-quality replacement parts. These include elbows, brackets, Y-pipes, clamps and mufflers. You may need a muffler insert to control sound quality and levels. Dynaflex offers a large range of inserts, many of which can reduce exhaust noise by 3 to 6 decibels. Expanders and reducers also help customize your exhaust. And all these components come in a large range of materials – chrome-plated steel, carbon steel, stainless steel and more.

As experts on chrome, Iowa 80 offers complete stack kits, top stacks, individual components and hardware. There are many options for creating the look, performance and sound you want. Customizing your rig’s exhaust stack has never been easier.

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