April 19, 2021

Buying Guide: Semi Truck Spring Cleaning

Do you feel like you’re always in your truck? The hundreds of miles you drive each day might make you feel so. When you’re not on the move, there’s a good chance you’re resting in the sleeper. For such a compact space, it can get messy quickly. With the arrival of warmer weather comes an excellent opportunity to give your truck a deep cleaning. It will be returned to its pristine condition, inside and out. There are numerous semi truck cleaning products to maintain your truck throughout your travels.

Semi Truck Interior Cleaning Accessories  

Keeping your cab clean and smelling fresh can be quite a challenge. Here are a few of the best cab accessories for cleaning your truck’s interior:

1. Chippewa’s Fragrant Zone 

Fragrant Zone is a timeless classic and trucker favorite.  Bouquet is the fragrance of many a show truck, one whiff and you’ll be reminded of the Truckers Jamboree and Granddad’s ol’ cabover.  With thirteen scents ranging from light and fruity to bold and brazen, there is something for every truck. Pair it with a handy diffuser tin and sponge for days of lasting fresh fragrance. 

2. Lucas Slick Mist Interior Detailer

Return your interior to its like-new appearance with this long-lasting, UV-resistant spray that also offers UV protection. It’s water-based and PH-neutral, so it’s ultra-safe for all of your interior surfaces.

3. California Dash Duster

A specialized wax treatment makes picking up dust a breeze. You can wipe down everything in your cab, from your dashboard to your electronics, with no risk of scratching. It also never requires cleaning. In fact, it cleans better after being used for a while.

4. Tub O’ Towels Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes

Durable 10″ x 12″ sheets are solution-soaked with an industrial-strength formula. They’re in a compact container so you can always have them on hand. The large sheets are excellent for big messes, including hard-to-remove stains. Permanent marker, grease, tar and paint are no match for these wipes.

5.Trukr Stik Truck Vacuum

This vacuum is every trucker’s dream when it comes to everyday maintenance. Attaching to your truck’s in-cab air line, this little sucker will vacuum up any dirt or dust that accumulates during your journey. It comes with three nozzle attachments, a long one, a short one with a flip up brush, and a smaller one for those tighter spaces. 

6. Truck Cab Air Blow Gun Kit

This blow gun kit is an excellent tool for cleaning virtually every part of your truck. Blow dust and debris from every surface in your cab. The blow gun also works great for wheels and other exterior parts — the quarter-inch O.D. Snap-in T fitting connects to your air ride seats’ air supply.

Semi Truck Exterior Cleaning Supplies

Putting many miles on your truck day after day doesn’t do anything positive for its appearance. Fortunately, there are many convenient and easy-to-use cleaning products to make your semi prettier and safer as you push on down the road.

1. Zephyr Ultra Shine Signature Series Polishing Kit

This kit will give your wheels and tanks the perfect shine. It includes a number of quality pieces, including: Signature Series buffing wheels and rouge bars, Brown Tripoli, Green Moss and Blue Moon polishing rouge, 2″ Tapered goblet for hard to reach places, Safety flanges for buffing wheels, and more! As with any Zephyr cleaning supplies, this detailing kit won’t disappoint.

2. Boot Brushes for Semis

Boot brushes mount to your exterior semi steps to thoroughly clean sand, dirt and mud off filthy shoes before anyone enters the cab. Choose a stainless steel boot brush, boot caddie or Sym-Mat doormat, depending on your individual needs.

3. Rain-X Glass Cleaner Treatment Wipes

After cleaning your windows and mirrors with these wipes, you’ll notice a significant improvement in visibility while driving in wet weather. Rain-X’s unique formula repels rain, sleet and snow on impact. You’ll observe the water beading up, then flying off the glass.

4. Renegade Big Rig Metal Polishing Kit

Keep your truck gleaming with this metal polishing kit by Renegade. This multiple piece kit contains every product needed to restore your truck’s original shine. 

5. WAB Polished Aluminum & Stainless Steel Cleaner

Containing wetting agents and emulsifiers, this aluminum and stainless steel cleaner by WAB is a dream come true. Restores your vehicles parts to their original polish, all while removing any oxidation and corrosion that may have occurred. 

Are you ready to get your semi truck spring cleaning under way? Check out a reputable online trucking accessories retailer for everything you need.

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