June 3, 2023

Best Semi Truck Driver Gift Guide 2020

When you’re looking for gifts for truck drivers, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’re looking for the perfect item for the special truck driver in your life, Iowa 80 has come up with a driver gift guide to help you. It’s organized into six categories so that you can more easily browse by gift type.

1. Comfort: Cushions and Mattresses

Whether truckers spend days or weeks on the road at a time, their comfort is priceless. Few things are worse for a long-distance driver than an uncomfortable driver’s seat or sleeping cab. All that time spent shifting around or tossing and turning results in restlessness and aches and pains. Cushions and mattresses are remedies. Here are a couple of our favorites for your consideration.

Ultimate Purple Gel Seat Cushion: This washable 22- x 18- x 2.5-inch gel seat cushion offers truck drivers extreme comfort and convenience. Designed for extra-wide seats, it’s super thick and firm and its dual-layer design features pelvic contouring that helps to improve the user’s posture and straighten his or her spine. A sleek black cover and a carrying handle make the cushion easy to tote, from the cab to athletic bleachers or picnic benches.

The Drift Mattress With Driver’s Edge: Designed for over-the-road drivers, the 10-inch thick mattress features Driver’s Edge, a patented technology that allows the driver to sit on the supportive, comfortable edge without it collapsing. When you choose The Drift, you get the cooling pressure relief of gel memory foam with the support and comfort of a fabric-wrapped system. Better yet, it’s easy to install and use.

2. Control: Steering Wheel and Shifter Knobs

If the truck driver in your life is all about control, consider buying trucker gifts like steering wheels and shifter knobs. Featuring cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, these gifts effortlessly upgrade drivers’ cabs with their premium control and style.

Shifter SuperKit for 18 Speed: If chrome is your truck driver’s favorite finish, consider this stylish chrome-plated gearshift kit as a gift. The kit, which fits Eaton Fuller 18-speed splitter-equipped transmissions, includes the following items:

  • A#6918 valve
  • chrome gearshift base
  • chrome splitter cover
  • range selector cover
  • threaded shifter knob adapter

18″ Classic Mahogany Steering Wheel: With its rich mahogany finish, four chrome-plated steel spokes and chrome horn button, this beautiful heavy-duty wheel is a work of art. The wood ream and its visible woodgrain add an elegant finishing touch.

Complete the gearshift upgrade with a new shifter knob. Iowa 80 has a wide selection of thread-on shifter knobs to choose from. Does your driver like the classic round glitter knob? Or maybe a sculptural piece like the popular Wolf Top Hat or McPhail Skull

3. Lights: Air Cleaner, Headlight, Load and Marker

Give your trucker the gift of illumination! How about the 5-1/8″ 54 LED Ultra Thin Hex Dual Function Air Cleaner Light for the cab? Ultra-thin and super-bright, the 54-diode LED hex light fits 13- and 15-inch air cleaners and installs easily. It’s available in a variety of bright colors that adds an eye-catching touch to your trucker’s vehicle. 

If your trucker needs new lights for the rig’s exterior, think about giving a headlight, load light or marker light. The Peterbilt Chrome Quartz Headlight with LED Position Light and Turn Signal enhances visibility and safety while on and off the road. DOT-approved, it fits 2008 and newer Peterbilt 388 and 389 models.

Less pricey than a headlight, the 6-5/8″ 4 LED Millenium 1 Marker Light is a tried-and-true Driver Favorite that also promotes truck visibility and safety. Sealed, watertight and DOT-compliant, the marker is available in a variety of LED and lens colors. 

Replace your trucker’s failing or burnt-out load light. Give the gift of a DOT-approved 4″ Round Pearl LED Load Light. Its 24 12-volt LED lights shine brightly no matter the LED or lens color you choose.

4. Protection: Mud Flaps

Help your trucker prevent damage to his or her rig’s wheels or undercarriage when you buy the gift of mud flaps. Whether you choose Peterbilt, Kenworth or Yosemite Sam flaps, you get premium durability and protection for your money. The 24″W x 30″L Black Poly Peterbilt Mud Flap and the 4″W x 30″L Black Poly Kenworth Key Mud Flap, sold individually, feature the brand logo. The 24″W x 30″L Yosemite Sam Black Mud Flaps, sold as a pair, feature the gun-slinging character and the warning “Back Off.”

5. Sound: Radio and Horns

It goes without saying that sound is one of the 2020 semi truck essentials. Radio and horns make great gifts since they are such important communication tools for truck drivers.

Radios: The Delphi Heavy Duty Radio Bundle Pack with Antenna includes a Bluetooth microphone and satellite radio antenna in one package. Its heavy-duty design is tailor-made for commercial vehicles in tougher environments. The Delphi Heavy-Duty AM/FM/WB/AUX/USB with Bluetooth also has a heavy-duty design and features larger buttons for commercial drivers’ ease of use. For those who drive through tough environments, the Weatherband Radios are a perfect fit. In addition to the SiriusXM and bluetooth, this radio provides 7 free channels of continuous weather information. 

Horns: Get ready to cover your ears once your truck driver installs this train horn gift! The Red 2 and 3 Trumpet Train Horns offer 149 and 150 decibels respectively. Made with full-cast aluminum with a red powder coat, these eye-catching American-made horns pack a powerful punch. The three-piece Cannon Ball Express Chrome Train Horn serves up an ear-splitting 152 decibels! It’s a real conversation starter with its three brass, triple-chrome-plated trumpets.

6. Style: Grill Surround and Axle and Nut Covers

If your trucker loves to stand out from the convoy, make his or her day with a stylish chrome-plated grill surround and trim. The Kenworth W900L Grill Surround Assembly Kit ensures the rig’s front end looks fierce and fine – and shiny! It includes a chrome-plated steel top, bottom and sides, and three aluminum vertical bars.

Axle and nut covers are another way for truckers to upgrade the exterior of their rigs. Give the gift of a Front & Rear Axle Cover Kit, a Thread-On Axle Cover Kit with Cylinder Nut Covers, or a 33mm Chrome Plastic Cylinder Nut Cover Kit. These shiny chrome-plastic kits are simple, easy-to-use tools that instantly upgrade a truck’s style. Want even more style options? Iowa 80 has a huge selection of lug nut covers; from spike, to flat top, and the classic taper. 

If these gift ideas for truck drivers appeal to you, browse the rest of our suggested trucker gift options. Shop online or in-store to find the gifts that enhance your favorite trucker’s life on the road.

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