April 18, 2021

Best Non-Slip Traction Device Buying Guide

Don’t let ice and snow get the best of our truck. Upgrade your winter traction capabilities with leading non-slip traction devices today. Compare leading products, from the unique AutoSock to dependable tire chains, to find the best device for your rig and your route. Keep your rig on the road and head safely in the right direction with the use of professional traction devices.

AutoSocks for Semi Trucks

An AutoSock is a modern upgrade to chains that gives you the grip you need. Unlike chains, AutoSocks are designed to improve traction through water management features. The fabric fits snugly around your tire and eliminates the water film between the road and your tire.

Use AutoSocks as a lightweight, self-centering alternative to heavy chains. This item is reusable and approved for speeds up to 20 miles per hour. You can safely use them even if your truck has electronic safety systems. Just like chains, AutoSocks aren’t meant for use on dry pavement, but they provide a more lightweight alternative to chains in the event of heavy snowfall or icy roads.

Tire Chains

The classic non-slip traction option is a good set of tire chains. Rough and ready for any winter situation, tire chains are a great way to improve your traction in unpredictable situations. Simply place chains over your tires and connect them for a firm fit. Some chains require tightening, but most modern sets fit your tires without the use of tightening devices.

The rugged exterior of tire chains gives your wheels extra grip when they need it most. As a anti-skidding and non-slip device, tire chains work well in snowy and icy conditions with all types of vehicles. Here are some features to look for when choosing the right pair of tire chains:

  • Tensioning style
  • Release features
  • Clearance
  • Thickness
  • Pattern
  • Material

Some features, like the clearance and size of chains, depend on your vehicle and tire size. Other features, like the pattern and thickness of tire chains, depend on driving conditions and your budget. Explore all your options and use product specifications and ratings to find the best option for your vehicle.

Alternative Traction Devices

Explore all your traction device options before settling on the ideal option for your driving situation. Chains and AutoSocks come in many different sizes and patterns. There are also helpful accessories available to make installing your traction devices easier.

A Spider Bungee helps you connect your traction device easily and simply. Pull the chain tight from each direction with durable rubber and six metal hooks. As long as you choose a Spider Bungee that fits the size of your tires and tire chains, you’ll enjoy convenient installation and dependable tension across your tire chains.

Explore AutoSocks, tire chains and other traction devices online. When you shop for traction devices online, you can easily sort and filter items based on cost, style and other features. When you find the ideal option for your truck, have your items shipped directly to your home or garage. Load up your traction devices and prepare for any weather conditions.

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