8 Must-Have Accessories for Commercial Truck Drivers

You need the right trucker accessories to keep your rig in top shape, ensure your own comfort and handle unexpected situations. Before you hit the road again, make sure you stock up with these eight essential accessories.

Semi Truck Gauges

As you shop semi truck gauges for sale, consider gearing up with the Scangauge KR Monitor and Digital Gauge. This high-tech tool mounts under your dash with a 6-pin or 9-pin diagnostic plug and tracks fuel economy, battery voltage, coolant temperature and more.

Coolers or Mini-Fridges

When you shop semi truck cab accessories, don’t forget a cooler. Entry-level models start at around $100 while luxury fridges and all-in-one kits cost between $1,500 and $2,000 and include interior drawers and mounting hardware.

Mattresses and Bedding Accessories

You never know when you’ll need an economic sleeping solution. Outfitting your cabin with a full sleeper set or a mattress, pillows and the appropriate bedding accessories ensures that you won’t break your budget or risk driving while sleepy. 

Crossfire Pressure Equalizers

Maintaining even tire pressure in a dual-wheel setup can be a challenge. The Crossfire Dual Pressure Equalization Systemis the perfect solution to this common problem. Single-point inflation and visual gauge check capabilities help you keep both your inner and outer tires evenly inflated.


It’s easy to underestimate the value of a good flashlight — until you’re left in the dark. A pen-sized light is handy to stash in your pocket, but beefier models with output of between 280 and 2000 lumens can be ideal choices for your cabin.

Reflective Safety Clothing

Remember the classic advice for bikers to wear reflective clothing at night? That also goes for truck drivers. A lightweight, loose-fitting safety vest can fit over your shirt or jacket and ensures that motorists see you in case you must exit your cabin.

Universal Device Chargers

When batteries go dead on your mobile devices, you can’t afford to waste time scrambling to find a charger. Having a USB 12-volt universal charger in your cabin ensures that none of your gear ever runs out of juice.

Device Dash Mounts

You can’t afford to take your eyes off the road for even a few moments. A device dash mount puts your cellphone or GPS unit within easy access while you keep your hands on the wheel and stay focused on your driving.

Packing some key essentials ensures that you prepared for anything on the road. For the best accessories for semi trucks, count on your favorite aftermarket trucking gear provider.

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