June 16, 2021

10 Products Every Trucker Needs on the Road

Working as a trucker can be a rewarding experience. It is a chance to enjoy the freedom of the road while seeing more of the country. However, being a trucker isn’t always an easy job. One way to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience is to be prepared before you head out on the road. Below are 10 things a truck driver needs on every trip.

1) Safety Clothing

Safety should always be your number one priority. After all, you only have one life to live. There is no reason to take unnecessary risks, especially on the road. A high-visibility vest or jacket is a must-have for any trucker. When you step out of your truck, you want to be certain that other motorists will be able to see you.

2) Toolbox

While semi-trucks are built to be robust, break downs, tire punctures and other problems happen sometimes. A toolbox is a valuable item to have on your truck. It will help you keep all of the various tools you need to keep your truck on the road and on schedule.

There are numerous options for truck toolboxes. Some mount on the outside of your truck, others are easy to stow in the cab or trailer. Some even integrate into your steps. Find the option that will be the most practical for your needs.

3) Warm Bedding

Working as a truck driver can be exhausting. There are long days and driving can get physically and mentally draining. It is important to be prepared to get a good night’s sleep. Finding the right semi truck bedding will help you do that.

A couple of upgrades can have your sleeper cab turned into a warm and comfortable place to get some rest. Consider a bunk warmer to help you stay warm even in the coldest areas. A good set of sheets and the right comforter can also be a huge improvement for your cab.

4) Off-Duty Clothes

Most truck drivers have professional clothes for when they are working. However, it is common to spend some time in your truck when you are off-duty. You want to be comfortable, so some off-duty clothes should be on your truck driver essentials list.

Remember to pack season-appropriate items for wherever you are going. If you are expecting to be in a northern region during winter, for example, you are going to need a good coat and some gloves.

5) Hard Hat

Keep a hard hat on hand somewhere in your truck. Many pick-up and drop-off sites require them to comply with OSHA regulations. While it may not seem important as a driver, protecting your head is an absolute must on any potentially dangerous job site. Much like with your safety vest, having a hard hat is just being smart. There are no reasons to take risks with your head on the job.

6) Cleaning Kit

Professionalism and image count in the trucking business. Plus, it is nice to ride around in a truck that is well kept. You are living and working all day in your semi-truck, you may as well take care of it. A good cleaning kit can help you keep your truck in top condition. Don’t let a dirty truck reflect poorly on you as a professional.

Brushes and cleaning solution for washing the outside of your truck can help you keep it looking great. Don’t forget items for the inside of your truck also. For example, a small vacuum can go a long way in keeping the cab in good order.

7) Overnight Kit

Be ready to spend the night in your truck. An overnight kit is always a good idea. Like a lot of other stuff for truck drivers, an overnight kit is basically just a travel essential. When you are on the road, you need to be ready to take care of yourself.

This kit should at least include toothpaste, a toothbrush, soap, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant and grooming supplies. Again, professionalism is important in this business. Being able to take care of yourself is a must. Also, consider bringing wet wipes for small spills and to help with cleaning when a shower isn’t easily available.

8) Sunglasses

When you’re on the road, visibility is essential. You can’t drive your truck safely if you can’t see the road and other motorists. Sunglasses will help you keep your eyes on the road even when the sun is beating down.

While most truck cabs have visors, keeping sunglasses within easy reach from the driver’s seat will mean you’ll be ready for a bright sun even when it is low in the sky. Additionally, it is much more comfortable driving with sunglasses on.

9) Raincoat

Sometimes you will need to get out of your truck on a rainy day. Perhaps you have to stop on the side of the road for some reason. Perhaps you are picking up new cargo and it is raining. Regardless of why you need to be out in the rain, you want to be prepared. A raincoat will keep you dry and warm. Remember that visibility is reduced in heavy weather. A high-visibility coat is a good idea to help you stay safe.

10) Emergency Kit

Every vehicle on the road should have an emergency kit for dealing with breakdowns and other problems on the road. This is especially important for semi-trucks. Keep items like road flares, safety cones and tire chains in a convenient place. Accidents happen and vehicles need to stop sometimes. Being ready to take to the road safely will help you get through these obstacles and back on your route.

Get Your Truck Ready

Getting these essentials for your truck will help you be ready for anything while you are on the road. It is always best to be prepared. Some of the above may seem like common sense. However, many truck drivers have been frustrated to realize they forgot to pack off-duty clothes, for example. Try creating a checklist of everything you need. Get your essentials for comfortable and successful trucking today.

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