How To Choose the Best Radio for Your Semi: From Delphi to Aptiv

Every big rig needs a great radio to help the miles fly by. If you haven’t yet tried radios from Aptiv, you don’t know what you’ve been missing.

Is Aptiv Part of Delphi?

You might consider Aptiv and Delphi to be one and the same. In 2017, Delphi Automotive PLC restructured to increase profitability and refocus on self-driving vehicles. To accomplish both of these goals, the company spun off its powertrain and aftermarket division to form an independent, stand-alone company called Delphi Technologies PLC. The original Delphi Automotive then changed names to Aptiv PLC. Technically, Aptiv is not a part of Delphi, it is the new name for the former Delphi Automotive. The new Delphi Technologies is a separate company that shares its origins with Aptiv.

While Delphi Technologies is now focusing on powertrains, Aptiv will be in the business of supplying radios for your rig. If you are used to Delphi’s products and loved having them on board, you should give Aptiv radios a try. They have continued to build units with the same high quality and great features that made the parent brand famous.

Aptiv Radio Features

Aptiv carries a nice selection of radios at different price points so you can take your pick. You can expect to find many of the same excellent Delphi features, such as:

  • AM/FM radio
  • Weatherband
  • Sirius XM
  • Front panel USB
  • ISO connector

In addition you can get Bluetooth connectivity which is crucial if you want to listen to your own playlist of road hauling tunes. Some models allow you to choose between backlit display options. You can select amber/green or red/blue to match the other gauges and dials in your cab.

The new Aptiv radios do not include a CD player. Bluetooth mics, satellite radio antennas, and remote controls are also sold separately.

Will An Aptiv Radio Fit in Your Truck?

Chances are if you had a Delphi radio in your truck before, you can install a newer Aptiv model just fine. You’ll need to check that your cab already has an ISO connector. If you drive an older truck, 2005 or earlier, you may not have one. You can purchase an Aptiv ISO radio harness adapter plug. We stock several different models of ISO adaptors to accommodate a wide range of truck types.

The good news is that unlike Delphi, Aptiv radios feature an auto baud rate, which automatically detects either 250K or 500K baud rate to be compatible with all model years!

Benefits of Choosing Aptiv Radios

Have you been a fan of Delphi radios? If so, Aptiv will make you just as happy. The new brand retains the same trucker-friendly design with extra large buttons and heavy-duty construction. As well, Aptiv radios all have  auto baud rate, allowing it to work in both older and newer trucks. In addition you can enjoy the following:

  • Quartz alarm clock
  • Front and rear AUX input
  • Compatible with most digital steering wheel/rear sleeper controls
  • SiriusXM instant replay
  • 30 day clock memory
  • iPad charging capability
  • Same ISO adapter as Delphi, item 290095

With all these great features and the same commitment to quality, there’s nothing to fear. And of course we are always here to answer your questions and concerns. Go ahead and jump into the Aptiv pool. The water is fine!

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