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 Fuel Saving Aircell Intake Spacers

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Fuel Saving Aircell Intake Spacers

Item Number:  184769

Price: $158.99 - $158.99

Truck and Engine Type

The Aircell Intake Spacer is a great solution for fuel management. It is a simple and inexpensive way to help control escalating fuel costs. On average, truck drivers reported saving 0.2 to 0.5 miles per gallon. The Aircell Intake Spacer is a one inch aluminum spacer with a patented helix bore that spins the incoming air from the charge air cooler, boosting velocity for improved atomization.
The end result is improved combustion efficiency that provides:
  • Increased fuel mileage and reduced exhaust emissions.
  • Enhanced atomization of fuel/air blend.
  • Increased torque and horsepower.
    Includes installation instructions and hardware kit. Minimal mechanical experience is necessary for installation. Installs in less than thirty minutes.