CAT Scale Company Opens Truck Scale #1,000 in Kinston, North Carolina

WALCOTT, IOWA -- CAT Scale Company celebrated the opening of its 1,000th truck scale on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 at the Kangaroo Express truck stop, US Hwy 70 & New Bern Rd in Kinston, North Carolina. “This is a huge milestone for us and we are very proud of our growing relationship with The Pantry and Kangaroo Express,” says Delia Moon Meier, Senior Vice President. “When my father started this company in 1977, we had no idea that we’d be opening 1,000 CAT Scales with room to grow. The timing is very fitting since we will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary in 2007.”

"We are very pleased with our relationship with CAT Scale and are very excited to be adding this service for our Kinston Kangaroo Express customers," says Danny Maheu, Kangaroo Express.

Mr. Moon installed the first CAT Scale in 1977 in South Holland, Illinois. In 1988, there were 28 CAT Scales in existence. At that time the company began to rapidly expand. Now there are 1,000 CAT brand scales in 45 states and 5 Canadian provinces with more opening each month.

With the stringent weight regulations and potential fines associated with violating such regulations, CAT Scale Company provides a much needed service to the trucking public. CAT brand scales are covered by an unconditional guarantee. If a driver receives an overweight fine after weighing legal on a CAT brand scale, CAT Scale Company will either pay the fine or appear in court with the driver as an expert witness in order to get the fine dismissed. In either scenario, the driver is covered by the guarantee and does not have to pay the fine, as long as they weighed on a CAT brand scale prior to receiving the citation.

CAT Scale’s #1,000 scale opening celebration consisted of a ribbon cutting that included Kinston Mayor O.A. Ritch, Jr., as well as CAT Scale and Kangaroo Express personnel. There was also food and gifts for professional drivers.

CAT Scale Company is the world leader in truck scales and the world’s largest truck scale network. More information on CAT Scale can be found on-line at