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My First Jamboree: The Sunscreen Devastation at the Coolest Gas Station

Written by: Kieran Benson, 2019 Web Intern

The Walcott Trucker’s Jamboree is the biggest event of the year here at the Iowa 80 Truckstop. I, of course, didn’t know that. In fact, I didn’t even know that the Jamboree existed. I knew that the Iowa 80 Truckstop was the largest in the world, and that the Iowa 80 Kitchen had an awesome buffet, but I didn’t know what the Jamboree was. That is, until I was hired as a summer intern for So, it is safe to say that I did not know what to expect, but whatever I expected was nothing close to reality. The Walcott Trucker’s Jamboree wasn’t just big, it was gigantic.

A few of the contestants from the Super Truck Beauty Contest, 2019.

Not only was the Jamboree a gigantic event, it was the also the 40th anniversary this year, making it bigger and better than ever. There were a ton of trucks registered in the Super Truck Beauty Contest, awesome antique trucks from the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum, five super talented musical guests, as well some of the best food around. This was definitely the biggest event I had ever been to, and I certainly wasn’t prepared.

Keith William’s “USA” won Best Overall Theme.

On the first day of the Jamboree, I was requested to go and interview drivers and take pictures before I would go to the booth. I had naively walked out without sunscreen and only one bottle of water; I had just made a rookie mistake. While out in the scalding heat, dehydrated, and almost catching fire from the sun’s dangerous UV rays, I met some of the most interesting people with great trucks and great stories.

A lucky gold prize winner from the booth; he won a $1,600 bumper!

I heard about a love-story between two truckers who had met at the Jamboree a few years ago. I talked to a humble truck driver who was the most honored to be on the cover of one of our catalog issues. I got to talk to ambitious contestants about their trucks’ themes. I was able to create amazing content for our social media, as well as meet new people and grow closer with my colleagues. I even got to pet some cute dogs.

Owner Look Alike and Best Dressed winners: Cathy Sherman and LJ.

That night I was stationed at the booth, where truckers and children could spin our prize wheel to win some awesome gifts. While I was there for the final two hours of my shift, I really enjoyed interacting with drivers, seeing their reactions, and getting to give out prizes to the kids. Plus, I could hear the band from the big vendor tent.

The GIANT crowd from the Sawyer Brown concert on Friday.

The following two days I had just as much fun. I worked in the booth some more and took some great pictures for our all of our social media. I was chauffeured around in a golf cart, had an awesome hot dog, and was offered wonderful experience in the work force. More so than the awesome perks of working the Jamboree, I was able to create a lasting memory of the bright show lights, the shiny chrome, and the dedicated employees of the Iowa 80 Group that I was lucky enough to be a member of this summer. 

Lights at Night competition on Thursday night.

So, if you haven’t been to the Jamboree, I strongly, strongly encourage you to come next year. There is great food and amazing music; there are wicked cool trucks and really remarkable people. But please, please don’t forget sunscreen.

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How To Aim Headlights

Written by: Scott Julian of XK Glow

When your headlights aren’t aimed properly, you know it! It’s tough to see when driving at night or you are consistently getting flashed by oncoming traffic because you are inadvertently blinding other drivers. Many factors come into play with your headlight alignment such as an accident, wear on suspension components over time, or you just installed new XK GLOW LED bulbs. Whatever the case may be, checking and adjusting your headlight alignment will be beneficial to both you and everyone else out there on the road.

Let’s get started!


Phillips head screwdriver or Torx wrench Masking tape
Tape Measure Level ground
Wall with 25ft of clearance  


  • Check your owner’s manual to find the location of the vertical and horizontal headlight adjustment screws. These screws are typically long and feed into gears that control the headlight adjustment. They are usually marked L > R for horizontal adjustment and U > D for vertical adjustment.
  • Find a level surface in front of a garage door or wall with a minimum of 25ft of space. We will use the 25ft mark as a reference so you will need enough space for your vehicle to fit behind that line. Using the tape measure, measure 25ft back from the wall and mark that line using masking tape.
  • Park the vehicle against the wall and turn on the low beam headlights. Mark the center of each headlight and the horizontal line of each headlight. These should be level with one another.
  • Back vehicle up in a straight line until the headlights are at the previously taped 25ft mark.
  • Adjust horizontal aim as necessary. Center of headlights should remain at the taped center line. Use the horizontal adjustment screw to adjust for the center line.
  • Adjust vertical aim. The horizontal line on the headlights should drop 1-2 inches down from the marked lines when parked 25ft back from the wall. Use the vertical adjustment screw to adjust the height of the headlights as necessary.

That’s all there is too it. Go for a drive and enjoy your properly aimed headlights!

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Questions, comments, or concerns? We’re here to help! XK@XKGLOW.COM or

Simple Ways To Keep Your Truck Looking Good This Summer

Your truck is more than just a vehicle. It’s your office space, your home away from home, and represents a huge investment. Using the best semi truck productsto keep your vehicle clean and looking its best on the inside as well as the outside not only helps keep you happy and more productive while working, it also makes a good impression on potential customers. The following tips can help your truck to shine during the sunny summer months. 

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Accessories Every Semi Truck Exterior Needs

As a professional truck driver, you take pride in your work, and that pride can be expressed through how you present your rig. You have lots of options to customize with semi truck exterior accessories which can add safety and flair when you hit the road. From cab to wheels, you can give your semi the makeover it deserves to reflect who you are as well as to protect you and other drivers around you. Here are just a few of the exterior truck accessories you may want to consider to add personality to your ride.

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Semi Truck Necessities for Spring Cleaning

Keeping your semi truck clean, inside and out, is a good idea for several reasons, personal as well as professional. Your semi truck cab interior is where you spend a great deal of your time, and you’re likely to be more comfortable if you keep it clean and organized. Cleaning your truck on a regular basis helps to preserve it and retain its resale value. Finally, a clean truck is a mark of professionalism that makes a good impression on potential clients. 

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How to Make Your Semi Truck Sleeper Feel Like Home

If you’re an over-the-road truck driver, the cab of your semi is not only your place of business, it’s also your home away from home. Therefore, there’s no need to keep the space dull, drab, and strictly professional. You lead a difficult life, with work that keeps you away from your residence for long stretches of time. Therefore, it is completely appropriate to bring along semi truck accessories to make your sleeper cab feel more homey. Given the amount of time you spend there, you should feel comfortable in your truck’s interior.

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