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Semi Mud Flap Weights |

Yes, technically they are called mud flaps, but they really work best when they are not flapping all over the place. To help increase the performance of your semi mud flaps, carries hundreds of different mud flap weights. The premise is really simple; semi mud flaps attach to the bottom of your mud flaps to help extend the coverage that you mud flaps have. Still, we are fans of both function and form, here at, which is why we carry these handy accessories so darn many styles. Find the one that fits your rig today!
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SS Mud Flap Weights 4" x 24" (PR)
SS Mud Flap Weights w/Back Plates 4" x 24" (PR)
SS Mud Flap Weights w/Back Plates 4" x 24" (PR)
Stainless Steel 24" Top Mud Flap Accents (PR)
SS Top and Bottom Mud Flap Weight Set 24"L (PR)
SS U-Shaped Mud Flap Weights w/Back Plates (PR)
Stainless Steel Mud Flap Weight 4" x 24" (EA)
SS Conspicuity Reflector Top Mud Flap Accents (PR)
24" x 3" Conspicuity Reflective Mud Flap Plates
Stainless Steel 18" Front Mud Flap Weights (PR)
Stainless Steel Mud Flap Weight 3" x 12" (EA)
LED Chrome Top Mud Flap Accent (EA)
SS Top Mud Flap Accent w/2" Round Inc. Lights (EA)
SS Mud Flap Weight w/Back Plate 3" x 16" (EA)
Stainless Steel 16" Front Mud Flap Weights (PR)
Chrome Mud Flap Weight 4" x 24" (EA)
218 Products  Results per page:  
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